Are there any common travel tips I should keep in mind when travelling to South Africa?

You can find more information here.

Are there any sponsorship opportunities for the congress?

The call for sponsors and exhibitors has opened. You can read more here.

Are there any regulations regarding Covid-19?

All regulations in South Africa regarding Covid-19 were lifted in June 2022. Therefore, it is currently not mandated to wear masks, there are no limitations on gatherings and it is not needed to have proof of vaccination or PCR negative tests at Ports of Entry.

Do I need to be vaccinated for my trip to South Africa?

Depending on where you go in South Africa and Africa, there might be certain requirements.

For Stellenbosch and Cape Town, see

For South Africa, see

For Africa, see

Is there a ForEx in Stellenbosch?

ATMs are available throughout Stellenbosch and at the airport.

Is there a map of the Stellenbosch University Campus?

Is there parking available close to the congress venue and in Stellenbosch?

Available parking according to Campus map:

  • Parking Area 14: Ample parking behind Stellenbosch University Museum. Access from Neethling Street via Coligny Street (cul-de-sac leading to parking area).
  • Parking Area J1: Parking available at the entrance to Stellenbosch University Konservatorium: four bays available to visitors; three bays to disabled visitors. Access to parking via Neethling Street, as well as Victoria Street.
  • Ample roadside parking along Neethling, Murray, and Bosman Streets.

Parking in the central business district of Stellenbosch is monitored by parking marshals between the hours of 08:00 AM to 17:00 PM. Rates are charged according to the duration of stay in designated parking bays. The Parking Management System within the central business district is fully cashless, accommodating various electronic methods of payment transactions. Parking marshals will accept payment via Credit Card (Master Card, Visa, and Amex), Debit Card, Tap and Go Smart Card as well as SnapScan. Parking can only be paid through these electronic channels.

Is there transport available during the congress?

May I present or attend virtually?

IAML 2024 is in-person only.
The General Assembly meetings (Tuesday and Friday) will be hybrid.

Side of the road – driving

In South Africa, we drive on the left-hand side of the road. More information on our traffic rules and regulations can be found here.

What are the VISA and passport requirements for visiting South Africa?

You can find all the important information about VISAs and VISA letters here.
Important: “Your passport must have at least TWO unused page for entry / departure endorsements”.

What important numbers should I have on my cellphone?

  • Nationwide Emergency Response: 10111
  • Emergency number on any cell phone: 112
  • Ambulance response: 10177

Medical facilities:

General practitioners:



  • Stelkor Campus Pharmacy: +27 21 887 2725

What is South Africa’s currency and time zone?

Currency: The South African Rand is the national currency of the country of South Africa, with the symbol ZAR being the currency abbreviation for the Rand in foreign exchange markets. The South African Rand is made up of 100 cents and is most often presented with the symbol R.

Currency Converter

Time Zone: South African Standard Time (SAST) = GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) +2

What is the social media hashtag for the congress?

Use the Twitter/X hashtag, #iaml2024, before and during the congress.

What kind of weather can I expect during the congress?

The temperatures in the Stellenbosch area are typically low in June and can range between 10°C and 22°C (50°F and 72°F). It also tends to be unpredictable and can be rainy and windy on the same day.

Weather Apps:

What would you expect to pay in South Africa / Tipping?

Cost of living in South Africa

In South Africa, the standard tipping rate is 10% of your meal/drinks, but always check if the tip hasn’t already been included in the bill (this is often done on large bills and/or for large groups of people).

If you plan on renting a car, keep in mind that we have petrol attendants who will fill your tank for you and can also wash your windscreen, check your tire pressure and/or oil and water. It is also customary giving them a tip, usually between R5 and R20.

Where can I find more information on accommodation in and around Stellenbosch?

Where can I find more information on theatre/performances in the area?

Where will the congress be held?

Link to Congress venue for more information.

WiFi/4G in South Africa

Visitors whose institutions subscribe to Eduroam (education roaming) will be able to connect to this network at airports and all wireless access points across the Stellenbosch campus using their username at their home institution (username@domain…). Most hotels and guest houses offer Wi-Fi access. There are often free Wi-Fi hotspots in restaurants and coffee shops. Many of these have a data limit per customer per day. Keep in mind that public Wi-Fi is an unsecured network. It is recommended you consult your mobile carrier in your home country for international roaming rates and have your device unlocked if you plan to use a local prepaid SIM card. Local SIM cards are generally more cost-effective and can be obtained from various locations including airport kiosks, mobile network operator stores and authorised retailers. Visitors will need to provide a valid passport and possibly proof of accommodation for registration.

For SIM card options, including coverage, see here. Vodacom and MTN are known for their extensive network coverage, also in rural areas in South Africa. However, coverage may vary depending on the specific location. Check coverage maps or inquire with the mobile network operator directly for the most accurate information.

Will the congress be accessible for persons with disabilities?

We will endeavour to make the congress as inclusive and accessible as possible. If you have specific needs, please let us know during your registration so that we can arrange to accommodate you.

Will the South African power sockets be compatible with my devices?

Charging stations will be available in the congress venue for the duration of the congress. Please remember to bring your own charging device converter (in South Africa the power plug sockets are of type D, M and N). You will also need these charging device converters at your hotel or guesthouse.

Most plug sockets in the walls look like this