Register for IAML 2024

Congress rates and options

Full week (includes 5 day professional programme, opening ceremony, 3 concerts, mid-week excursion and final dinner)

IAML membersR7250R9000
IAML members – African delegatesR6250R8000
IAML members concessions (student / unwaged)R6500R8500
IAML members concessions (student / unwaged) – African delegatesR5500R7500
Non-IAML membersR8000R9500
Non-IAML members – African delegatesR7000R9000

Daily rate (Monday – Friday)

IAML membersR1750R2250
IAML members concessions (student / unwaged)R1500R2000
Non-IAML membersR2000R2500

Accompanying person rates

Full week (includes opening ceremony, Tuesday excursion, 3 concerts and mid-week excursion)R2250
Opening receptionR 450
Tuesday excursionR 550
Concert 1R 170
Concert 2R 170
Concert 3R 170
Mid-week excursionR 550
Please contact us with any queries.
Once you have completed the form, we will invoice you within 7 working days.
Our preferred payment method is via Bank Transfer.