Passport and VISA requirements

Visitors from outside South Africa must possess a passport or travel document valid for no less than 30 days after the expiry of your intended visit.

Visitors must produce a valid visa before entering South Africa; they are not issued at South African ports of entry. Visitors’ visas are issued for a visit for tourism or business purposes and are valid for a period of 90 days. Some countries are exempted from visa control, which means that citizens from those countries do not need a visa to visit South Africa. Participants requiring a visa should apply as soon as possible to the South African embassy, mission or consulate in their countries to avoid inconvenience.

Visit the website of South Africa’s Department of Home Affairs for visa information, particularly the section on Requirements for entering South Africa. Important: “Your passport must have at least TWO unused page for entry / departure endorsements”.

Letters of invitation

The congress secretariat assists the delegates by processing the official invitation upon request. This letter of invitation, however, constitutes neither any obligation by the secretariat of the congress nor by the organizing committee to cover any travel and accommodation expenses, fees or other costs connected with attending the meeting and staying in South Africa.

For invitation letter requests and more information, please contact: